Our Brand Story

Branding Works constantly make good use of creative but systematic approach to find new design ideas and this spirit also applies to our designers. Successful design not only impress customers, but also require messages sending and communicating with them. Hence, our original idea is to understand clients’ needs through observation. Experienced from years of large scale indoor design projects, we have established innovative and high quality interior design proposals. Additionally, we believe perfect attitude can solve complex design problems and this is our quality guaranteeing idea.

We make the best use of environmental and social atmosphere to design, breaking the restrictions of fixed place and scale in planning. Through our designers’ work, customers can deeply experience what quality of life. Our designers are able to activate their creativity no matter in working space, residential or even public area. Our practical ideas are introduced by our two chief indoor designers and this style is contributed by the effort of passionate designers for more than 10 years.

Apart from having indomitable spirit, we have to build up close relationship with our customers from the past cooperation. Additionally, we are good at communicating, coordinating, and using graphics design, indoor design, materials selection, model making, planning, and 3D perspective plan to customize design proposals. Our service are also cover information searching on materials to support designers on material selection. Our rich experience and knowledge not only can create inspiring design, but also reflect your personal status and global trends.

Design Service and Professional Code

Branding Works provide one-stop commercial indoor design service. Our design principles are practical design, rational space layout, visual cut proportion, and functionality division. Different formats, materials, style and colors can present the differences of space to create diversified style, balance between aesthetic feeling and practical functionality, create possibilities of all sort of space, and go beyond the clients’ expectations.

Our professional service include:

  • Brand and shop image planning
  • Indoor design proposal
  • Space analysis and planning
  • Construction plan and 3D map
  • Shop front and kitchen construction quoting
  • Shop front renewal project
  • Materials and furniture details
  • Project contracting, onsite supervision, and coordinating
  • Furniture design, supply, and management
  • Signboard and graphic design
  • Artistic wall painting
  • Artistic proposal

After-sales service is one of our service as because we believe building up and maintaining long term relationship with our clients is important. We strike for the most reasonable price to satisfy clients’ needs and provide customized and comprehensive service. Additionally, we provide detailed proposal listing the service content and fees to let clients have a thorough understanding.

Our people

We emphasize team spirit and close relationship with staff to build a sense of belonging and morale. We also provide training and guiding to staff work towards our mutual goals.

Terms and ConditionsThe data, design, and graphs provided by our website are just for reference. Before getting our written consent, no one can use any method, format or through any media to use, sell, photocopy, and copy the materials for commercial usage. When you get in this website, you are automatically seen as committing to this rule.
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